Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Popsugar Bag!

I received a lovely surprise in the mail today: my August Popsugar surprises!

So here they are:
Pretzel Crisps!  These are delicious with hummus or honey mustard!
A conveniently packaged, reusable bag by Baggu in a beautiful purply magenta color- looking forward to popping this baby out at the grocery!

A butt workout DVD by PopPhysique.  Hmm.. I guess Popsugar knew what I need to work on!

Cleanser and exfoliant duo from the wonderful, organic, local-ingredients based company Sprout

Shatterproof, "anywhere" wine glasses by Govino.  Love the way they think!  I want to take these on a picnic now!  They are light and easy to pack; plus, they are recyclable!

Beautiful blotting papers by Tatcha.  These are so gorgeous!  Pulling them out to blot the oil off my face won't be so embarrassing now :)

Snack size packet of granola by  Bear Naked
You better bet I'm taking this baby with me to work tomorrow with a greek yogurt!

Home diffuser in the scent "Isola" by the company Alora.. this has an ultra feminine floral aroma that isn't too heavy but beautifully dresses up your bedroom!

All of the items altogether.  Thanks Popsugar!!

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