Thursday, October 18, 2012

DDF Vs. Clarisonic

Adult acne is real.  Trust me, I have it and unless I am faithfully persistent with my facial cleansing, there will be so much sebum build up and subsequently, acne up the wazoo.  I've managed keeping them relatively under control with the use of great cleansers and facial cleansing devices.  I'll review cleansers in another post but in this one, I will be comparing the DDF Revolve 400 X to the Clarisonic Clarifying Collection.


I should mention that I bought both these systems myself and these are totally unbiased reviews. A few years ago, I bought the DDF Revolve device, in the middle of a full out facial acne attack and this did wonders.  The spinning brush helped clear up my skin without tugging at it, and within 10 days of using it daily and using the right toner, serums and moisturizers, my skin was spotless!  I immediately bought one for my mom too and she still uses it lovingly.  It is battery operated, which is fine because it goes for months before needing a battery-replacement.  It is water proof so you can clean your face in the shower while you wait for your hair conditioner/mask to soak in.  It's light so it's easy to travel with.  Honestly, it's a life save!  

Although I didn't have a complaint in the world about my DDF Revolver-- when I lent mine to my brother for a few weeks, I decided to take the opportunity to try the Clarisonic version since I'd heard RAAAAVE reviews.  Trust me, I was really excited!  When I got it though, I discovered a few disappointments:  1) It doesn't revolve, it just makes micro-vibrations.  This just didn't cut it for me. My skin actually clogged up! 2) Although it's rechargeable, a fully charged Clarisonic only lasts for 24 minutes, which would mean I'd have to take the charger with me even on short trips!  3) It has preset cycles, after each of which you need to reset it.  (I'm not a fan!).  I really tried to like it- I used it with different cleansers.  I tried apply different levels of pressure, applying in mini-circles, different water temperatures, inside the shower vs at the sink...everything I could think of actually.  Still, could not like it.  I tried it for almost 2 weeks and I noticed my skin was clogging up and quickly becoming riddled with those all too familiar red and white bumps... not good!  In the end, I had to return it.  Sorry, clarisonic!

My review: Nothing does it like the DDF Revolve 400 X.  

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