Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Glossybox & Physique 57 Discount!

Yay.. glossy box of October!

   A Lip "Duo" by Model Co.  
I really like the color, and the little mirror on the side, but I have 2 complaints:
1. gloss is a bit sticky and doesn't stay put.
2. The mirror isn't in a very practical spot.  The only way to use it is to apply the lipstick and/ lipgloss free style and then check.  Don't most of us girls look in the mirror while applying?

Blush by Kryolan
OK, wow, this color is very dense.  You get your bang for your buck with regard to color pay off, but does it stay put or oxidize?  While I'm happy to report that it doesn't oxidize on my skin and change colors, I'm sorry to say it doesn't really stay put. Strange, since it's supposed to be professional makeup..

Facial Enzyme Peel by Natassja Skin
I like it conceptually - natural, infused with a million vitamins, etc.  
Turns out it doesn't do much for my skin. 

Peppermint Soap by American company Heartland Fragrances.
It's a loofa inside a peppermint soap.  Conceptually and initially it's a lot of fun.  It reminded me of the old Office episodes when Jim would prank Dwight by putting setting his stapler in jello.  The more I thought of the concept of a loofa inside the soap though, the more I thought of bacteria getting trapped inside.  It's not antibacterial/antimicrobial soap after all! Eiw.. now I can't stop thinking about it.

Hair Shine Spray by Alterna
I actually use their Kendi Dry Oil Mist for shine, that I received as a free sample in a purchase at, and I've been loving it.  I tried this one upon arrival, and it is similar but a lighter version.  No distinct smell and it sprays evenly, leaving the perfect shine on your hair.  Looks really good on a ponytail.  

Physique 57 Discount Code.  I personally love working out at home so I might just get this!

Items in totale...


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