Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cleaning the closet

Much of yesterday afternoon and evening was spent cleaning the closet.  Yep, it was one hell of a way to start off labor day weekend!  

I knew I had more than a few things I needed to let go of- some just to throw away and others to donate or sell.  

OK, I won't make anyone use their imagination.  This is a photo of all the contents of my closet before. 

Now let me defend myself.  I've held on to things that I've had since the start of high school.  I'm not sure that I'd call myself a hoarder (some justifiably might!) but the truth is, I haven't kept these things out of pure attachment.  I've occasionally used most of these things at  one point or another throughout the years because I haven't changed height or approximate size since then!  Yea, it's true. I stopped growing around the ripe old age of 13 standing at 5' 2.5"  

After a laborious 5 hours of separating the keeps from the not-keeps, switching out the wire hangers for these pretty ones from Container store, adding a few cube-shelves (similar to these from Target), putting my boxless shoes in clear shoes boxes (also from the Container store- only $33.80/20 boxes!), labeling all the shoes boxes, my closet ended up looking like this!

Beautiful, right?  

In the end, I had 4 Wholefoods bags packed full of clothing to donate, and 3 large Neiman Marcus bags of items to sell.  

Absolute, cathartic, craziness. I hope all these items end up going to people who need them much more than I did!

Now, I'm off to an interval training session at the gym.  Have a wonderful day everybody!

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