Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Long A$$ Day

Sometimes I feel like I am venting half the time I'm on here, but I hope I'm making up for it with useful posts as well.  But I am human.  This season is a rough one for me and riddled with stress, so bear with me please!

So today I've been up since 5 am and I stepped back in my house at 7pm.  I was so famished by the time I got home that I literally inhaled everything I saw: chicken wings, rice bowls, spoons of peanut butter, chocolate.. oh the chocolate.  It's my fault.  I should have picked up a sandwich before heading home.  Lesson for next time!

Fortunately I'll have time tomorrow morning to squeeze in another intense workout. It'll be a new Itunes workout DVD yet to be reviewed, so get psyched!!!

Anyways I am about to take an hour or 2 to myself. Just need to decompress after this day.

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