Thursday, October 11, 2012


After the workout video yesterday (trust me, it's no joke!), I'm embarrassed to admit- I'm so sore! I know it's marathon season so I thought recovery guidelines might be useful to many of you runners and athletes out there:

  • Food -Within 2 hours of working out, make sure to eat carby energy!  If you don't replace your carbohydrate energy you won't have the protein necessary for repairing your muscles, nor sufficient fat for your hormones and joints.  Recommendations: Protein smoothie, chicken sandwich, pizza even!
  • Water -Your muscle cells need water and when you're recovering dehydration can be a huge problem!  Check that your urine is not a dark yellow
  • Compression -Cooling down after your workout will help your muscles rid themselves of the lactic acid and other inflammatory fluids that causes soreness.  Use a foam roller or get a massage
  • Blood flow -Don'ts just plop on the couch after your workout.  Keep it moving!  You need to have your blood circulating to improve recovery.  Wear some nerdy compression sleeves or clothes to help yourself!  
  • Ointments - You can also use a topical treatment that leaves you with a cooling, minty sensation and increase blood flow or replace high levels of calcium.  Some popular ointments include Bengay, Tiger Balm, Magnesium oil, and arnica rub.  

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