Monday, October 15, 2012

Not-so-marvelous Monday

OOMPH, this morning was painful.  I needed to get to the city by 7am, so I was up at 4:45am to shower, get dressed, pack breakfast, and take out the dog.  If I had actually gotten some sleep, I wouldn't be complaining, but last night was a mega tosser.  If there was a marathon for tossing around in bed, I would have won 1st place.  I got in bed by 10, in anticipation of the early wake up time, and then I started to feel restless.  I read a few blogs off my phone then tried to go to sleep again.  This time, it wasn't restlessness; it was ALLERGIES.  It all started with just a little itch on my shins, and then suddenly, like a hurricane,  I felt like ants were crawling all over my body.  It was H*LL.  I tossed around, switching from one side of the bed to the other every 30 seconds.  After what felt like hours of tossing, I took a look at my clock; it read 11:40pm.  I told myself, if I can't fall asleep by midnight, I am getting in the shower.  The tossing and turning ensued well past midnight, and when I finally couldn't take it anymore, it was 1:20am.  I got in the shower, changed my pajamas and got back in bed.  The itchiness was a little less severe but my skin still felt like it was crawling.  I think by the time I fell asleep it must have been around 3, because before I knew it, my 4:45am Mario Brothers alarm went off.  Yeah, what a night.

Needless to say, I inhaled the coffee this morning and got 2 fraps to keep me going.  As soon as I was ready to head home, it was 5pm and I picked up a grande latte to be safe on the traffic laden drive home.  Oh.. it was a crazy day.

Now I've got some work to do, before I squeeze in my quick work out and hot shower.  Hopefully tonight will actually be spent sleeping!

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