Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesdays

Today, my first day back to work after an extra long weekend, and I've gotta say. I like being back to my 'normal', crazy hectic life.  A few years ago, if someone would have told me I could have my life now, I would have said "yeah right!"  So I'm grateful, despite how stressful and difficult it can be.  Although this bad weekend (referencing previous post) resulted in several extra LBs, it also left me with a renewed, healthier and more positive perspective.

I squeezed in a 30 min workout this morning.  I kicked, lunged, and squatted my jiggly bits in this Star Trainers Ultimate Workout video that I got off of Itunes.  It was no joke!  I like the girl leading the workout too- she's cool, encouraging and more real-woman-ish (if that makes any sense).  I highly recommend it!  No equipment necessary. 

Food wise, I started the day off with a pumpkin oatmeal with chia seeds.  For a snack I had a crunchy organic apple.  At lunch, I had a piece of broiled wild salmon (yay omegas!) leftover from last night with some steamed veggies.  In the afternoon, I indulged in my ultra girly grande skinny vanilla latte from Stahbux.  When dinner time rolled around I was starving so I'm proud of myself for not raiding the fridge!  Instead, I made myself an omelet with mushrooms and spinach, topped with sunflower seeds (I know it's strange, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do for a little crunch!), and had a bag of popcorn for dessert.  As I'm blogging, and doing some work, I've got an herbal tea and some sugar free gum to keep me company. Yay- I did good today!  (I'll try to be better about taking photos tomorrow!)

Now... getting to the title of this post, I am thinking of making Wednesdays my 'weigh-in day.'  I'm not ready to step on the scale quite yet (after this past weekend!) so I will be stepping on it next Wednesday.  I'm nervous already!

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