Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Early Weigh Day

I was pretty sure I would chicken out and not go through with weigh day tomorrow so I just bit the bullet and did it today.... and I was pleasantly surprised!

Before I stepped on the scale, I told myself that as long as I was below 135, I should feel okay because I have been indulging a LOT lately.  I was surprised to see a number below 130!  I guess those exercise videos have been keeping me below 130 :) 

Still...Standing at my petite height of 5'2", 128.4 is well above my ideal weight.  Although my BMI is 23.5 and in the healthy category (which is great in terms of health!), it's also important to consider what the ideal weight is for your frame size.  According to the NIH body frame is actually "small" since my wrist is 5.4" in circumference.  According to the calculator on Freedieting.com, my ideal weight range for my frame is 102-106.  And, this is why, despite my healthy BMI, I have knee issues due to my weight. My frame is still too small to take high impact sports at 128.4 pounds.  So, while I'm happy that I'm below 130, now I'm motivated to take my diet and exercise to the next level to get closer to my ideal weight.  Slow and steady.. persistence is the name of the game!

Still, Hurray for me!  Right now I'm just proud of myself for facing my fears and just getting on the scale this morning!

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