Monday, September 10, 2012

Controlling portions

Since my Friday post on weight loss, I haven't yet fully committed to all the responsibilities of weight loss but I did try to clean up my act a little.  I was honest with myself about the portions that I was eating (which were out of proportion!), and tried to take it down a notch.  There wasn't a full scale change, but I just limited the amount I was eating.  For example, instead of a snack consisting of baked pita chips, low fat microwave popcorn and fruit, I went with just fruit and half the popcorn; instead of eating  2 wraps and a salad, I kept it to 1 wrap and a latte, that sorta thing.  After 3 days I feel much better, despite having less time to exercise.  I stepped on the scale this morning, weighing in at 128.6.  Yes, people, that is 1.6 lbs less than before, and I weighed myself at the same time.  Sure, it may partially be water weight, but it's still a loss!  I'm definitely motivated to keep my portions in control, but I haven't yet decided on a full fledge diet/lifestyle overhaul.  My plan is to watch my portions for the next few weeks, see what results I achieve and decide accordingly.

Now, limiting portions with a big appetite is not easy.  After 1 wrap and a latte, I still have room for more (I'm used to having more!).  Here are a few tips I've learned recently:

  • Wear a belt - I know, it sounds silly, but having loose pants on puts you into comfy, watching-TV mode and it's harder to recognize when you're fill; on the other hand, when you wear a belt, you will feel that tightness around your waist when you've eaten your fill.    
  • Drink more water - Obvious, but often neglected habit.  Frequently people mistake their thirst for hunger.  Keep drinking the H2O to avoid that.  Plus, it's great for the skin and your entire body!
  • Eat slower - It takes time for your brain to recognize fullness: a good 15-20 minutes.  Even if you down a full meal in 5 minutes, your brain might not receive the message until a little later.  Eat a little slower, chew a little more, and this way, your brain and your stomach will be in better sync. 
  • Snack - Carry a banana and a small pack of nuts with you.  Snacks will quell the sudden hunger pangs and protein-filled snacks will hold you over till your next meal. These 100-calorie nuts are awesome. 

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