Sunday, September 30, 2012

Doing whatever it takes when it's worth it.. while drinking water!

For those of you who don't know, I work and I attend school.  It's a heavy load on both ends, especially at school, but I only have 80 days left. That's right, 80 days until I have a degree that's been a long time coming.  It'll be a fight to the end, and there will be a lot of lost sleep, excessive amounts of coffee and peptalks, venting, and stress.. but it is worth it.  I'll do my best to keep my sanity through exercise and sprinkles of self-indulgence, but my priority is finishing with flying colors!  This week, on top of regular work, I have 2 exams coming up so I naturally forgot everything else on my schedule.  Last night I got a reminder email for a facial today that was too late to cancel, so I went today instead of getting in a workout.  It was so worth it!  50 minutes of relaxing recuperation and now I feel rejuvenated.  The aesthetician said my skin was very dehydrated and that I need to work on drinking more water and using a more intense moisturizer.  I'll be switching moisturizers very soon, as well as working on the H2O intake, and report soon!  It is even possible that my recent headaches are due to dehydration as well, so I gotta get on that.  It's not as easy to twist open a tall bottle of water on a chilly autumn day; I'd rather pour myself a tall mug of coffee!  But there are some serious reasons to fight that urge, including (but not limited to):

  • improved digestion & metabolism
  • healthier skin, hair and nails 
  • detoxification of the body
  • joint protection
  • improved organ function
  • body temperature regulation
  • improved brain function

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