Monday, September 24, 2012

Manic Monday

UGH, what a tough day.  First day of the week is always a toughie but today was hard.  I was up until 4am this morning working on an assignment due today, back up at 7:30am to down a French press, and  finish the assignment and shuttle my butt into the city.  Had meetings ALL day, and after downing TWO artic zeros in the car, and then a few spoons of peanut butter with a sweet potato when I finally got home, I'm back at my desk, ready to start another assignment due by tomorrow.  Yea.. I wish I had done a better job in the diet department because a workout is just not looking feasible today.  Hm.. maybe if I'm efficient, I can squeeze in something?

So here's the (ideal) plan of attack for tonight:

8:30pm -12:30am Attack this Assignment
12:30am-1:30am Change, Weights
1:30am-2:30am Shower, Change
2:30-6:30am Sleep


6:30-7:30am Coffee, Pack my things, get to the gym
7:30-10am 45 min Cybex, 45 min Jogging, Shower
10-2pm Breakfast, Get to the city, meetings
2-5pm Lunch, Work on assignments for Wednesday
5-6:30pm Stretch Class nearby, Shower
6:30-9pm Dinner, Finish assignments for Wednesday
9-10pm Home, Wash up
10-7am Sleep

I have Jury Duty on Friday so that makes this week a 4 day week, so after tomorrow, I'll be halfway through!

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