Saturday, September 8, 2012

Healthy Substitutes

Whether you grew up in Europe or in Japan, we all have indulgences that aren't exactly healthy -whether it's because it is carb/fat/sodium-laden or otherwise.

Here are common cravings and healthier alternatives:

 1. Instead of a 870 calorie shake from Johnny Rockets

Make yourself a thick mocha smoothie of the following ingredients:

- 1 packet of Mocha flavored Click Protein Powder (120 cal)
- a couple ice cubes

2. Instead of a 380 slice of thin-crust cheese pizza from Upper Crust

Toast the following under the broiler:

- 1 wholegrain Tortilla by Food for Life (150 cal)
- a few slices of tomato (15 cal)
- sprinkle of fresh basil (~0 cal)

3. Instead of Golden pancakes at the local breakfast eatery

Mix up the following & cook it up in a pan:

- 2 egg whites (30 cal)
- 1/2 mashed up banana (45 cal)
- 1 scoop of generic protein powder, for ex the powder by CVS (140 cal)
- 2 spoons of  Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond milk (5 cal)
- sprinkle of cinnamon

4.  Instead of a 6 piece Chicken McNuggets (280 cal):

-chop up half of a skinless chicken breast (4oz) into bite-size pieces (110 cal)
-dip them all into 2 egg whites (30 cal)
- mix in a separate bowl: 2 Tbsp quick oats (~40 cal) with 2 Tbsp whole wheat flour (50 cal)
- spray some nonstick spray into a cooking pan
- dip the chicken pieces into the flour mixture, and cook

You get the idea, but if any readers want some more substitution recipes, just let me know.

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