Friday, September 21, 2012


A lovely Friday surprise: My GlossyBox!

It was shockingly light at first but it blended in 3 minutes later!

It has a light, liquidy texture and blends into your skin quickly, with no sticky residue.  

It has a mild, vanilla-ish scent and thick consistency.  I'll let you know how it works.  
**Edit: Just tried this lovely shampoo/conditioner duo.  The shampoo smells more coconut-y in the shower and it lathers up really nicely without being too harsh. I should note that I have sensitive hair follicles; harsh shampoos tend to result in massive amounts of hair falling out right in the shower.  The conditioner was almost scentless and my hair held on it pretty well (I hate the ones that are so liquidy that it just runs through your hair!).  Result of this duo was refreshed, and moisturized hair ! 

Lipstick in "Glossy Pink" by Glossybox
At first it looked a little too purply for my taste but when applied it has a much more mauve-y tint.  I'll let you know about drying and staying power with some use. 

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