Monday, September 3, 2012

Goals for the Rest of 2012

As the summer-chapter of this year comes to a close today, I have new goals on the mind.  Resolutions &goals are usually set at the start of each year, with the drop of the Times Square ball, but that's just custom.  There isn't anything keeping us from setting resolutions now, approximately 2/3rd of the way through 2012.  So here are my "Last-4-Months-of-2012 Resolutions":

1. Drink 1.5 L H2O per day

Currently, I'm not a huge water drinker.  I used to drink tons of Diet coke, but since cutting that out, I have been drinking way too little fluid.  I will take a bottle of Smart Water with me to the gym, but that's about it.  Drinking water has a ton a benefits from improved digestion to better moods and healthier skin, so I'm determined to take in more. I just bought a dozen 1L bottles and 6 1.5L bottles, so you better be I'll be drinking more everyday.  Cheers!

2. No more shopping 

If there's anything I could have concluded from the closet cleaning project a few days ago, it is that I don't need anymore clothes! Maybe a few staples like a nice white button up and class, straight cut blue jeans, but I'm going to try and do without those for the next few months.  I'm officially on an extra- clothing & beauty items shopping boycott. Hold me to it!

3. Blog at least 5x/week

I know I just started this blog, but I want to keep it growing, and potentially network with other bloggers and readers!  I've seen the traffic increase but I would love to eventually see some comments.  

4. Lose my extra weight

As I mentioned in a "becoming healthier post," I have approximately 10-15 extra pounds on my frame. I'm nowhere near obese or unhealthily overweight, but I definitely could do without the 'extra.'  I know it would improve my energy, athletic performance and mood, so it's not just about vanity; however, I am a girl, and I want to look good in my clothes!  I had a very basic idea of how I'd lose the weight in the earlier post, but I'll become more specific in another one coming up.

5.  Get my outfit(s) ready the night before/in advance

I have more than enough clothes but I probably have about 6 items on constant repeat.  I have no time to look around and try different things on in the morning, so I just grab whatever I know is comfortable and fits.  It's such a waste of clothing to let them sit in your closet, so I'm going to prepare my outfit the night before.

6. Make new friends

A subject that I'll get to later is friendship and betrayals.   I recently experienced a disappointing burn & betrayal by a group of my closest girlfriends, which cast me on a trip of self-doubt, insecurity and trust issues.  I'm determined to make new friends and cultivate healthier, more mature, trusting relationships during the remaining four months of this year.

7. Engage in more meal time with family & friends

With busier-than-ever schedules, my family often eats in shifts.  Even when I'm home, I'll eat before them because I feel I need to get to some of my own work, which results in me not getting to see or break bread with them until the weekend.  Not only do I miss the shared time and ritual with my family, but I also find myself eating less healthy, not well-rounded meals.  I am determined to be more meal-oriented, per my own suggestion in a previous post.

8. Apply for grad schools

I've been working at the same job with the same employer for several years and I'm ready to move up and out of this stage of my life by attending grad school.  It'll be a crazy couple of months of applications but I'm determined and I will put everything I've got into it!

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