Monday, September 10, 2012

Tough Monday

I apologize if this turns out to be a bit of a whine-sesh, but oh boy it's been a long Monday.  It started at 4:50 am when I woke up early for my 5am alarm clock.  (Yea, I don't know what's wrong with me either).  I took out the dog, got dressed, packed my things, had my bowl of Kashi Go Lean with a cup of my new Coconut Milk Almond Milk Blend by Blue Diamond, and was out the door by 6am.  I had a presentation to give at 11am, so I did a few run throughs, snacked on a banana and a bag of Dark Chocolate flavor Almonds since I knew I wouldn't have a chance to eat until after 2pm.  Finally I had a half hour break to grab a quick roast chicken wrap at Sebastian's in Cambridge (jeeez, they are slow!!) before I had to get to my next appointment.  I got to the library around quarter of 5, to study but I was craving food (again!) so I grabbed a salad bar mix and half a pita.  Pretty pathetico.  It's only 5:30 and I'm ready to call it a day!

Oh boo for Mondays- they feel so long.  And it's only the start of the week!

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