Saturday, September 15, 2012


As if it weren't obvious already, I've been in a bit of a rut during the past few days.  I watched more movies than I have in the past several years, countless tv show re-runs, and consumed couch potato foods like air (ramen, chips, guac, popcorn, junk).  Not only am I feeling a little antsy (actually, almost stressed out by my laziness), but I have too much to do to let this linger any longer.  This morning, I took advantage of the cool Massachusetts breeze, opened windows and let out the stuffy air in exchange for fresh air.  I brewed myself a delicious pot of coffee, cooked a few eggs on toast, fed and let out my dog, and here I am.  I apologize for my empty blog posts. I debated posting anything and I probably shouldn't have.  I am not sure what brought on this funk but I'm back.  On this note however, I know I'm not the only one to fall into funks like this (and this certainly isn't my first) so I've got some tips on how to 'get back into life': 

1. Take out all the trash. Start the laundry.  Do the dishes.  Open your windows, ventilate (weather-permitting)
I know this sounds silly, but these sorts of physical & external changes can often help the inside.  The idea is to get out the old, lazy & dirty, and to bring in the new, optimistic & fresh.  

2. Wash your face, brush  your teeth, take a shower.  Get dressed. Smile. 
Sounds superficial, right? All these things can help.  Looking less disheveled will help you take the day more seriously.  I know you might have wasted a few days, but just let those go.  Today is a new day.  Smile - you have a fresh start.  

3. Make a plan. Have a start time and an end time.
Write down a list of things to do, and number them in order of how you'll tackle them.  Just like a job, have a starting time and a finishing time. You can't 'do things' 24 hours a day.  Everyone needs decompression time.  We aren't energizer bunnies. 

4. Get out of the house.
Sometimes, the first and most important step is leaving the environment that got you in a funk in the first place.  Whether it means leaving for 30 min to take out the dog, going to the gym, going out for coffee, or to see friends, just leave the house for a bit.  Even if you had a break from your life for a little while, you actually need a break from the house too.  

5. Take breaks
You can't go from being Couch potato Susie to Superwoman without a few breaks in between.  Go out and get your nails done.  Take a bath with a glass of wine.  Have a rumble in the hay with your hubbie.  Go for a yoga or meditation class.  Call a girlfriend up and gab. 

6. Go to sleep.
At the end of the day, if you want to keep from digging yourself into another rut, you need to rest and renew.  So, put on the PJ's and go to bed!

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